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best month to fish for bass

What is the best month to fish for bass? Our whole staff agrees MAY.

Did you know that 30 million Americans enjoy bass fishing every year? Are you also one of those 30 million who love to head out in search of the perfect catch? But do you know what month is best for bass fishing?

If so, then you're in the right spot. Bass Fishing Hub has you covered in finding the perfect spot for bass fishing. And we'll uncover how you can determine the best month for bass fishing in your area.

Don't worry if you've had a hard time finagling this fun fish previously. Keep reading to learn how you can find success on the water when it comes to fishing your favorite bass.

Finding Your Perfect Fishing Hole

Even if you fish the same lake every year, you will find it difficult to find the best place and time to catch bass as they like to move around quite a bit. They will follow the temperature of the water as well as the best-protected spots on the lake.

To find your favorite spot, look for an area they can find protection such as a cove or under a pier. Bass will look for a place they can come to the surface but still find protection from predators. Once you learn their travel patterns you can pick out your favorite fishing holes and return from year to year.

After spawning female fish will come to the surface to feed early in the morning and late in the evening when the surface water is warm but not too warm. Additionally, learn what their favorite food choices are. After spawning, female fish are especially hungry and preparing for winter. They will be feeding regularly and you will find success if you learn what they’re feeding on and when.

As with all fishing, you need to learn the limits and regulations in your area so you can enjoy your angling hobby within the scope of the rules.

What Month is Best for Bass Fishing?

If you’re looking for the best month for bass fishing then it depends on where you live. Bass like to come to the surface when the water is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like most fish, bass are cold-blooded so they travel well looking for the warm spots in their lake, river, or ocean. As the water temperature drops, so too does their metabolism so they won’t eat as much.

After spawning, they will be very hungry and will eat more; learn the energy levels of the bass in your area so you can best decide what months to find the bass around you.

You also will be well served if you learn the spawning habits of the particular type of bass fish you’re angling for in your neck of the woods. For instance, the largemouth bass will spawn in late winter if you live in a southern state and late spring if you live in a northern state.

Let’s look at the different climates and break down the best month to fish bass in your area.

Northern Climate

If you’re looking for coldwater bass, pick a day with little wind and head out when the water temperature is nearing 40 degrees. Head out to a deeper section of the lake as the coldwater bass will want to come to the surface to feed but then be able to quickly dive back down to warmer water.

Use a light topwater bait and patiently wait at your favorite spot for your coldwater bass to come to the surface for feeding. As the temperatures start to rise you will be able to spread out to the edges of the shore and shallow water. However, don’t discount bass fishing because it’s still cold out in the early spring or if you live in a northern climate.

You will have the best success if you learn the water temperatures, watch the weather, and pay attention to the feeding and spawning patterns of the bass in your area. Regardless of the month, you can find some great success bass fishing.

Southern Climate

If you live in the southern climate you will find that you can fish the larger bass earlier in the spring. Again, pay attention to the weather patterns. You’re not looking for one day that happens to be 50 degrees. Watch the patterns and when you see the water slowly and regularly climbing in temperatures each day, you will know that the bass will return to their favorite feeding spots.

I have several favorite fishing holes in North Carolina and have shared them here. The fishing in North Carolina is spectacular and you will have great success in late spring and early summer, June is a great month to head out on a lake looking for bass in North Carolina.

Catching Fish is About More Than Catching Fish

As you can see, true fishermen quickly learn that simply catching a fish isn’t really the end goal after all. It is more about learning their habits, studying their quirks, and choosing the best spots and bait to get that big catch.

And learning what month is best for bass fishing isn't as simple as picking one month on the calendar. If it was that easy everyone would be out catching the big one every day. But you're smarter than that, you know that to catch the one worthy of a photo, you've got to do your homework.

So, bookmark this article and come back each year to determine the best spot and the best time to catch a bass. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can see our prize photo-worthy catches.

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