Arkie Lures was founded by Bob Carnes in the early 1960's. The first Bass Jig consisted of no more than a banana head jig head, deer or squirrel hair tied on, and a pork trailer.

Today, the Arkie Jig has found it's way into the hearts, and tackle boxes of millions of fishermen. The silicone skirted, eye forward, "Arkie" style bass jig has become the industry standard for what is called a "bass jig" in the fishing industry. Many lake and state bass records have been made with Arkie Jigs through the years as well as many lake and State bass records.

Many tournaments, including the Bass Masters Classic, and Red Man All American, have been won with Arkie jigs. You can rest assured that when Arkie Lure offers a product for sale to you, that someone here has tested it, and that it will catch fish.

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