February 27, 2021 3 min read

Fishing is Supposed To Be a Relaxing, Stress Relieving Sport - But Here's What Went Terribly Wrong  

Warning: If you have a weak stomach, kindly exit this page. The Last Picture is Ugly!

Bass Fishing Hub enjoys the sport of fishing just as much as other anglers, and if you fish often enough one day problems will arise. The worst of all injuries while fishing can come from a lure or hook getting stuck in your eye, skin, foot or even face! Good luck if you are fishing alone when one of the incidents happen, a peaceful day of fishing just may turn out to be the worst day of your life.  

Getting a Closer Look

This angler form Georgia, and no we are not gonna name any names had a REALLY bad day fishing from their dock.

  "I was fishing a bomber crankbait off my dock and I got hung up, I tried everything to get the crankbait unstuck from the rock. Then instantly the lure came back and hit me in my face. It was the most painful thing I have ever been thru. Every time my eyeball moved it would tug and pull." 

After a 3 month recovery and 2 surgeries this Georgia angler has made a full recovery.

Bass Fishing Hub suggests all anglers to wear sunglasses while they fish. Not only can polarized sunglasses help you see further into the water by cutting glare, but you could just save you eyeball. If you want a cheap pair of sunglasses ($11 bucks) that can be put in your tackle box, click here.

Look Out Behind You!

Everyone knows that Muskie love big baits right? The fish of 10,000 casts can leave an angler exhausted, throw in a rocking boat and you have an accident in the making.

“I was guiding a father and son and suggested to them not to hang their baits on the seat. Well, not long after the boy fell in the boat and impaled himself with a large ‘cowgirl’ in his back. We boated back to the lodge, froze him up, and pushed it through. We got back on the water that day and the boy caught a 48-inch muskie!”

Sold out

Under My Thumb

There is nothing more exhilarating in saltwater fishing than a fishing a "Blitz" of striped bass. Emotions run high, and it's the perfect time for a injury. This angler from cape cod was experiencing the best day of his life, till things took an ugly turn.

"The fishing was unreal, we had a light fog in that lasted most of the day. We were simply jumping from school to school of rockfish which were destroying the bunker. We had caught so many fish that it was impossible to count. I was trying to release a 36" rockfish and I guess the fish was just a little green. I reached down to grab the lure and the topwater plug went right into my thumb, the worst part was that the fish was flopping around while the plug was in my thumb."

Bass Fishing Hub is not sure about he ending of this story, but surely by the looks of the photo that thumbnail was lost.

Braided Line Cuts!

Braided fishing line is the strongest and most sensitive fishing line on the market, but do not ever try to wrap it around your hand and pull.

This angler from Florida was fishing for gators in the swamp with a treble and fishing rod. All was going well till he grabbed the spool to stop the drag. The next thing he knew the gator took off and the line caught his pinky.  

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