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SOS line 4 lbs

Verry impressive line. If I can get in higher braid 10 lbs to 30 lbs I'm hooked for life. I recommend to every one try this line .


Great bait ! Loved it !

they are awesome!

A real Crappie Magnet

Works really well along with the many other colors

Leland Crappie Magnet 1.5" 15ct Mermaid

Great Service, Fast Shipping

My Crappie Lures showed up right on time. Will order again!

Leland Crappie Magnet 1.5" 15ct White

Leland Crappie Magnet Replacement Heads 5ct 1-8oz Unpainted

Leland Crappie Magnet 1.5" 15ct Wizard Glow

Booyah Blade Tandem Spinnerbait
Julia buslovich

This lure is pond magic, at least on some days. When I go to a pond I will usually throw this or a plastic worm depending on the mood the bass are in. You can catch a lot of fish on this lure, especially when its windy, but some days it wont catch any, usually those are calm clear days. I love to fish this lure, especially when the bass bite is hot, however I find it not as reliable as a plastic worm, or similar finesse bait, therefore I find myself using those more often. If you are thinking about buying this lure, go for it! The lure is a solid producer, just don't expect it to catch fish every time you go to the pond, but if its windy or the bass are really aggressive this is the first lure I throw.

Great action

Okay, to the spinner. The grasshopper works great with a slow retrieval for bass and at times that ever so spunky crappie. could not be happier with a spinner that is priced appropriately. I do not tie it off as suggested but rather use a snap swivel where it is suggested you tie it off.

Booyah Blade Tandem Spinnerbait
roger post
Great Buy

Absolutely love it! My best hitter last summer for Pike and Bass! Apparently it’s been working for everyone because they were really hard to find for awhile there! I ended up finding a pack of ten and jumped on it. Must have for the smaller slower lakes. It’s the first and last lure I’ll throw up at camp every day. It’s a hardy lure that survives well against bass, but some of the hard pike hits will twist it up quick. I was fishing this past summer and had reeled it in to the side of the boat and was lifting it out of the water when a monster pike came straight up from the reeds and crushed it! Took me by surprise! I looked down to see the flash of the tail dragging it back down into the vegetation and it was a bear getting it back out. When I finally did land the fish and check the lure it was twisted a good 180 degrees and while I twisted it back, it didn’t quite swim right after that. I’m very glad I have spares!

Booyah Blade Tandem Spinnerbait
JayMon Green
Fast Shipping, will use again

I've had other BPM spinnerbaits before and they've pretty much always came through for me with the suskie smallies here and even with the walleye and pike, but I realized I didn't have an "in-between" pattern so this junebug one fills that role in no problem. it pairs up magnificently with a junebug Zoom Z-craw Jr that was trimmed a couple millimeters before the hook slots and rigged sideways for that fatter panfish side profile while still being a nice'n'compact presentation, a real power-finesse bait. Hell, it was so pretty I even bothered to fotosketch the pic into a watercolor painting image just to show you it's beauty! Even the blades are really well made, sure, they're not of Hildebrandt-level exquisiteness but look at the bead's reflection on the colorado blade, definitely well-made! The only "problem" spot it had was a bald spot in the skirt but it was nothing that I couldn't easily fix with a but of tuggin'n'shiftin' with the strands for a couple of seconds, besides that it is pretty minty!

Extremely life-like and actionable

My go to now for bass! Consistently has great hits even when it's not feeding time for the fish. Fished the same pond for years and these landed the biggest bass I've caught in this pond. Sunnies will strike it but the hook is too big to catch them which is nice to not have to mess with sunnies and bluegills. Easy to remove. Paint is flecking off one of the teasers already but still works. Definitely recommend anyone fishing for large mouth bass.

They’re GRRRRRreat

Such a great lure. Great for bass, but I’m sure a pike would go after it, and crappie definitely do. 1st use caught two bass, second use got a crappie. And I have yet to catch more. Such a good lure, and not expensive. You can’t get better for this price, such a great spinnerbait.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Lure I’ve ever used and awesome results! A definite necessity for any tac...

I absolutely love these on my lews mach crush medium action spinning rod. Have a hard time finding a 3/16 size anywhere else. I originally bought one at dicks and it's been hooking so many fish I ordered 2 more in case something happens to this one. No joke I've climbed trees to get this back and I will happily strip down to retrieve it from a snag in water. Love it. It's caught every single fish for me so far this summer. A fat 17 inch largemouth included. Came sharp. Ive only sharpened it once since i dulled it on abstructions. Probly 30-40 decent size bass and its holding together well 🤘

Great product as promised. Fast shipping. Recommend!!

This lure knows no bounds. I have caught bream, crappie, large and smallmouth bass, and channel catfish with this lure. My daughter (13 years old) didn’t tie the lure on her line well and lost this bait. Luckily I was right there with her and remembered exactly where she lost it. I waited a few weeks for the lake level to go down. Went back to where she lost it and found it. I just knew it would be rusted, but to my surprise it still looked brand new after I cleaned it off with just my hand and the lake water. I recommend this lure for all anglers.


Filled with whatever fishermen use to catch fish. Its packed with goodness per my son!!!

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn STX Jerkbait
Fred Ackerman

This is great as a small wacky rigged bait or even a weightless texas rigged bait. I was hoping I could us it as a ned rig but I think its the wrong shape for the Ned.


A lot of great pieces different lures they gave me a small large mouth bass swim bait with rattled inside I can’t wait to use this weekend.

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn STX Jerkbait
Tracy McCormick
Great action

It's easily rigged, pretty durable, and a good color for murky waters (I got a pearl/white pack).


Good product for the money. 2 frogs 12 spoons 2 crankbaits a couple poppers and there is alot of useless rubbers. But also a little baggie with some good weights and like 5 good hooks and 2 pre tied snap ons with heavy line

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn STX Jerkbait
Gregory Raines
Extremely life-like and actionable

The Yum Dinger's are great senko worms for drop shot, wacky rig, and texas rig, they will even be better once the weather gets warmer so I can go out and fish them, lol.


Alot of the hooks are useless but if your looking for a good kit with alot of different lures this is a pretty good set for the money i suggest ordering a set of frogs if that is what intrigues you the most one is pretty good but they are small Everything came how it should have arrived on time with 2 day shipping.

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn STX Jerkbait
Abier Hijazi
They’re GRRRRRreat

Love these. Wish I would have started using them a long time ago.. They catch bass or I should say, they give you more opportunity to catch bass. The Catching is up to you and your hook. I used these with a 4/0 EWG

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