November 18, 2019 3 min read

Simple tricks to turn you into a Blade Bait Master...

Blade baits are all the rage in the fishing industry now, but they have been a long kept fish catching secret for anglers for years. In the short article I am going to share some really cool tricks that can really improve your blade fishing game.

The Original Silver Buddy

Anglers in Kentucky and Tennessee have been using blade baits for years. The silver buddy is by far my favorite bait to use, but unfortunately I have not seen any baits available in some time. It appears that they maybe out of business at the time of this article. I really hope to see them back someday as they made a simple, cost effective blade bait that was easily modified. I have found a good option and it is made my buckeye lures.

Change The Color

I am a firm believer that when bass are cold and the sunlight is at a low angle due to the winter months a brighter color is always better. I'm not talking about a gold silver buddy vs a silver/chrome. I am talking about a Chartreuse one, but hey where can I get one of those?

Your in luck! In the next steps I am going to walk you thru how to dip your own Blade Baits.

What you will need

1. Remove The Hooks & Split Rings

The first part of the process is to get the lures bare, take some sand paper and remove any oils and such from the bait. Basically you are left with a hunk of metal with the lead on it.

This is where I will actually shave the metal down to make a thinner blade. This is just like a crankbait with a circuit board bill, the thinner the more thump the bait will have!

2. Next Dip The Heated Blade In The Powder Paint

You are going to want to have a mini propane torch, or map torch to heat the blade up. I hold the blade bait with a set of needle nose by the bottom hook ringer of the bait. I have used my stove top to heat the blades and it works the best because you can control the heat better, but be warned that it could make a mess in the kitchen.

Then simply dip the heated blade into the powder. As soon as you dip it, remove it and blow the excess off. You may have to dip twice to get both ends of the bait.

I then get my Christmas ornament hangers out and hang the bait off the oven rack and load 15-20 baits.

3. Bake the lures

I generally bake the blade baits in the oven for 20 mins on a setting of 325. I then open the oven and let them cool off.

4. Put New Hooks On & Go Fish

Lastly, I always upgrade my treble hooks. When fishing a blade bait, most of the time the fish will be hooked outside the mouth. Heck, I have even snagged a few fish in the tail.

Changing the color of your blade bait and shaving the blade down thinner will certainly help you catch more bass in the wintertime.

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