Charlie Brewer Slider 4" Finesse Worm 10ct

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The Slider 4" Original Worm was developed in the 1960s by Charlie Brewer as a tool to be used in fishing slide techniques.

The worm slides through the water with little or no extra action - imitating nature.

The worm was designed to be pair with the Slider flat headed jig head.  The Slider worm was then cast out with a spinning rod, with a steady slow retrieve the worm would bounce off the bottom.

This classic of a bait still catches Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, and even Smallmouth Bass.

When it gets tough - go to a Slider!

Customer Reviews

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Kay pfister
Great store

Bought for my son to fish in our pond with. He was so excited to use it but it didn’t last long. My husband set it up for him but something happened and it came off his line after a couple of casts.

James Clapper
Fast Shipping, will use again

I bought a buzzbait cause my buddy was raving about them. I picked up this Booyah as this is the brand he said to get. I fish primarily smaller southern ponds so this was perfect size. No lie, second cast I nailed a bass. Not a big guy but still. Hit it like a ton of bricks. I bought the firebug color as most of these ponds I fish are stained. Love it so far. Going to S. Carolina in a few weeks and plan on using it more in the canals. If you throw a lot of spinner baits like I do- this is similar but top water so it can be thrown just about anytime when nothing seems to be biting.

Nice Lures

I am not going to be one of those reviewers that gives this 1 star due to not racking in the fish. The quality seems great, I have used it several times and it still looks new. I have yet to catch any fish with it but only fish in high mountain lakes (over 9k feet). So far UL crank bates are whats hitting up here. This would be great for trolling in a larger lake!

Michael Adams

I have been using this fishing date Altru out last year but I have not caught anything with it I do not know if it works or if it's me but when I use a different bait I catch fish so I do not know what really is going on so I'm going to give it only 3 stars because I have been fishing with it and I am not having any good luck with it

Bill Garvey

I would have reviewed this sooner but I needed time to get over the fact that I lost it before I caught a fish with it! Great color, great action, and I’m sure it would have caught many great fish, still bitter 🤨

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