Gamakatsu Wide Gap Offset

The Gamakatsu® EWG Worm Hook is widely considered one of the toughest worm hooks on the market. 

A long-time favorite of serious bass fisherman.

Its Extra Wide Gap design features an offset shank, extra-wide gap, and an incredibly sharp, conically honed needle point. Not only does this hook not bend in power situations, it stays sharp even after being dragged across rocks all day. Perfect for virtually any soft plastic bait application, from dead sticking Senkos, to pitching beavers, to Texas or Carolina rigging big worms. Available in red to provide a little extra strike-enticing edge when targeting lethargic bass.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Steuerman
Great action

Okay, to the spinner. The grasshopper works great with a slow retrieval for bass and at times that ever so spunky crappie. could not be happier with a spinner that is priced appropriately. I do not tie it off as suggested but rather use a snap swivel where it is suggested you tie it off.

Extremely life-like and actionable

My go to now for bass! Consistently has great hits even when it's not feeding time for the fish. Fished the same pond for years and these landed the biggest bass I've caught in this pond. Sunnies will strike it but the hook is too big to catch them which is nice to not have to mess with sunnies and bluegills. Easy to remove. Paint is flecking off one of the teasers already but still works. Definitely recommend anyone fishing for large mouth bass.

They’re GRRRRRreat

Such a great lure. Great for bass, but I’m sure a pike would go after it, and crappie definitely do. 1st use caught two bass, second use got a crappie. And I have yet to catch more. Such a good lure, and not expensive. You can’t get better for this price, such a great spinnerbait.

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