Bass Fishing Hub October Virtual Tournament

Want A Fun Why To Compete With Other Bass Fisherman Around The Country?

First Place Is A $25.00 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Lunker Is A $25.00 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

How It Works...

1. Simply post a picture of the fish you catch during the tournament day immediately after you catch it, with the official logo of the tournament to the Bass Fishing Hub Group. Not A Member?  

2. The Official Event Page Is On Facebook Here.  Select you are going to the event! 

3. You must register on this page to confirm and accept the tournament rules.


Details Of The Tournament

The Tournament Is Set For The 12TH  Of October 7am-4pm EST

Every fish caught gets one point.

3-5lb fish = +2 Bonus points

5-7lb fish = +4 Bonus points

Over 7 lbs = +6 Bonus points

Total Points Wins!!

We also will have a Lunker, This fish must be over 3lbs & include a certified weight.

Must have a digital scale to show the weight to get bonus points. We need a read out of the weight, not just a spring scale. NO FUNNY STUFF

Personally, the best scale I have ever used is the Rapala Fish Grabber Scale. You clamp it on just like MLF.

If you need one you can get it here👇


All anglers must follow a few basic rules….
1. Anglers must download the tournament file on our page. On the file will be a printable Bass Fishing Hub Logo. The logo must be present in the photo for a fish to qualify.
2. The picture must be shared on the this event page immediately when the fish is caught. Only fish pictures on This event page will qualify.
3. Tournament times are from 7am-4pm, Meaning posts after 4pm will not be counted!
4. Bass Fishing Hub does not endorse the use of illegal fishing practices. All fish must adhere to legal recreational fishing methods. Live Bait is allowed, but artificial baits is preferred.
5. Have Fun & Be Safe, This is a fun event everyone, Liars will not be tolerated. I can source the meta data from the photos so DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT!!! If you are caught cheating you will be immediately disqualified, and booted from all Bass Fishing Hub Pages & Group!!

This Tournament Is Free To Enter!

Enter Here
Gift Card Will Be Mailed To The winner

Tournament Logo Will Be Emailed To You

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