Z-MAN BIG TRD 4" 6ct Finesse Bait

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Incorporating the familiar profile and irresistible action found in the hugely popular Finesse TRD™, the upsized Big TRD draws even more attention to help trigger even bigger bites. Designed to mate with the new Power Finesse ShroomZ jigheads, the pairing offers anglers an incredibly versatile finesse fishing package that delivers unmatched durability, buoyancy, action, and fish-catching results!

  • Same great stickbait profile and dimpled body as the Finesse TRD™, but in a larger 4" profile to draw more attention and entice bigger bites
  • Designed to pair perfectly with the new Power Finesse ShroomZ jigheads
  • Buoyant ElaZtech® construction allows bait to stand up on the bottom at rest
  • 10X Tough durability outlasts other stickbaits by a wide margin
  • Also ideal for wacky rigging, pitching, Texas rigging, or Carolina rigging
  • 6 baits per pack
  • Made in the USA

  • Customer Reviews

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    Kaleah Daniels

    Alot of the hooks are useless but if your looking for a good kit with alot of different lures this is a pretty good set for the money i suggest ordering a set of frogs if that is what intrigues you the most one is pretty good but they are small Everything came how it should have arrived on time with 2 day shipping.

    Love BFH

    Baits are good for weedy areas if unwanted try out an area and Not loose a 10 dollar whopper plopped or rattler

    Awesome colors

    Got this to check it out and while the hooks are perfect for shad shiners and sun fish the largest sizes can be used for bass as well but good hooksets may be a challenge depending ur u go barbless for easy C&R

    Great store

    It is a decent deal on light tackle for kids.

    My BF Loves it

    The "tackle box" itself is very small, and most of the items in the box are small. Some are OK, some are cheaply made.

    We write really great emails