Slider Little Finesse Grub 2 3-4"20ct Black-Blue DWO

Slider Little Finesse Grub 2 3/4"20ct Black/Blue DWO

These are soft plastic grubs with excellent tail action. Use to catch Perch, trout, Smallmouth Bass and loads of other predator fish. The lure can be rigged with light weight heads for open hook,Also a bare hook can be used with just a BB split shot placed about 10" up the line. The lure has a slight wave or swimming action as it comes through the water along with an excellent vibra tail action.

Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company was started in 1970 after a life time of fishing experience by Charlie Brewer, Sr.

This experience and desire to improve sport fishing led to the development of the Slider techniques. Slider Fishing is a simple “Do-Nothing” method for imitating nature. Slider fishing offers a fun and relaxing way to increase your catch. Light tackle is the approach used to fish Slider products and finesse. The Slider techniques have been proven for over 44 years throughout the United States and other countries. It is our hope that the products shown will make the sport of fishing fun and productive for you.

Slider Little Finesse Grub 2 3/4"20ct Black/Blue DWO

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