Net Bait Mini B Bug

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You can fish your Netbait 3.5" Mini B Bug is so many ways it's hard to describe, and they're all super fish catching effective. designed to be a soft plastic for flipping, Netbait 3.5" Mini B Bugs are lots of fun to fish on a Texas rig, a Carolina rig, and they make delightful trailers behind your favorite jig head. all those ribs provide lots of movement that fish love to eat.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Welch
My BF Loves it

Haven't used it yet but looks great!

John N Gordon
Will buy again

absolutely love these lures - almost a perfect replica of the Megabass jerkbaits but at a fraction of the price. They are labeled as neutrally buoyant, but I've had to add lead tape to adjust them (I have several of each size). Highly recommend these!

Kristie Freeman
Best tackle store

One of my favorite color white with orange belly & red eyes

Richard Brady
Right on time

Such a great jig. I’ve caught everything from dink’s to tanks with it. Swap out your trailer and it’s as versatile as you need. The quality of this jig is top notch. Worth the money.

Tom Gast
Showed Up Early

Good jig with a sharp hook. Easily castable and holds the fish well. I have purchased multiple and will recommend them to friends.

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