Luck-E-Strike Smoothie Deep Running Crankbait

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Luck E Strike Smoothie Deep Running Crankbaits feature traditions such as softer plastic, hand-glued bodies and hand-painted finishes. This one-of-a-kind bait offers a straight, tight action. As the name implies, the Deep Smoothy is a smooth running, deep-diving bait with minimal drag and easily bounces off rocks and stumps. Offering plenty of allure, this high-quality, hand-airbrushed finish makes every American Original Crankbait look like a custom paint job.

Customer Reviews

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Extremely life-like and actionable

Was very happy with these lures. I actually had 2 fish on at the same time but one got loose. I purchased the combination b. These lures sink so you need to reel a little fast, took a few cast to get the feel of it. They have good movement in the water. Highly recommend

They’re GRRRRRreat

10 casts in caught a garbage fish but it’s a fish.

6.0 out of 6 stars Best Lure I’ve ever used and awesome results! A definite necessity for any tac...

These are great swim baits. They have a great action and are kinda a top water/suspending bait. I fish them in saltwater and when the bait hits the water i take in my slack and give it a big rip like I'm setting a hook so it runs deep and then i work it like a jerk bait.

Great product as promised. Fast shipping. Recommend!!

I haven't had an opportunity to try these yet due to the damn covid-19 outbreak however they look and act extremely lifelike so I'm quite sure that once I hit Murrells Inlet and go trolling I'm going to absolutely love them hopefully! But right now I'm quite pleased with the quality of the product

Fred Ackerman

This is great as a small wacky rigged bait or even a weightless texas rigged bait. I was hoping I could us it as a ned rig but I think its the wrong shape for the Ned.

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