Booyah Bankroll Jig

Built to keep your fishing finances in good health, the Booyah Bankroll Jig delivers top-of-the-line performance that you can count-on when money is on the line. Designed with a unique tapered head, the Booyah Bankroll Jig features a perfectly angled hook that ensures a better strike-to-catch ratio.

Made for moving through the thick stuff, the Booyah Bankroll Jig is fitted with a heavy-duty weedguard that deflects snag-inducing cover and allows for unhindered hook sets. Ensuring long-lasting performance the Booyah Bankroll Jig is covered with tough powder coat paint job that resists chipping and a 50-strand skirt that provides a natural swimming action. Backed by a heavy gauge Mustad hook, the Booyah Bankroll Jig provides tournament-grade results that cash checks. 
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