Big Bite Trick Stick

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Great Buy

It short of has a short far cast with my other lures. It a bit on the light side. It does cast half way from 76 Feet to 80 Feet with a 6 1/2 Foot Medium Heavy Pole From Ugly Stick. Using A spinning real for this lure. It does look real and movement is very good. I haven't caught a fish on it yet. Because it was early spring and the water was muddy and the water temps was around 43F. It does feel like a fish and swim well.

Rick Rich
Cant wait to use my lures

I bought these because I thought the looked unique and would give my son something fun to try out. We caught several northern pike on our first trip with these. If you're a lazy fisherman like you like to use line swivel/ clips to make changing baits easier and faster. In my experience these don't swim right with a clip/ swivel and must be line tied. It's not the end of the world, but a good point to keep in mind. I look forward to purchasing different sizes/ styles in the future.

Fast Shipping, will use again

These lures seem like they will work well. They are weighted so I am afraid I’ll snag and lose them, but, that’s part of the risk of fishing. They are realistic looking and I think will be successful when I have a chance to put them in the water.

Will order again

These lures are amazing!! They are built just like the super expensive ones but a lot cheaper and you get 3. I can't even tell the difference between the expensive ones and these ones. I actually get them confused about which ones are cheap and expensive. These lures swim very well and the treble hooks are very strong. You will not need to change out the treble hooks, unlike other cheap lures that come with cheap treble hooks.

Great action

Hands down the best lure to get them chasing and biting. Both were caught with the red one.

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