BANG Fish Attractant - 5oz Garlic

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BANG Fish Attractant's unique rendering process uses live bait to produce highly concentrated, natural oils of the most prevalent forage species. No other fish attractant borrows so much from Mother Nature. BANG Fish Attractant gives anglers the edge by drawing fish in and encouraging them to hold onto the bait longer. It is also specially formulated for slow, even dispersion and longer lasting lubrication. Available in a variety of scents, BANG Fish Attractant contains no CFC's and is ozone friendly!

Customer Reviews

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Robin d
Cmon Spring

Quality action on the bait and sharpness on the hooks would recommend everyone to at least give them a try once image provided is a striper I caught using this lure for the first time after about my 6th cast

Came on time

Fishing for late season Fall run Striper off the Cape Cod Canal. These lures were phenomenal! My first cast created a short boil, but the second cast created a huge explosion as a 30 lb Striped Bass inhaled the lure. I tried all 3 lures to see how the fish reacted to them, all produced the same size bass as well as schoolies. The lures held up pretty well. I would recommend more freshwater fishermen spend some time fishing saltwater and try theses lures made for freshwater bass, walleye, and whatever else they fish for.

Will order again

These lures are amazing!! They are built just like the super expensive ones but a lot cheaper and you get 3. I can't even tell the difference between the expensive ones and these ones. I actually get them confused about which ones are cheap and expensive. These lures swim very well and the treble hooks are very strong. You will not need to change out the treble hooks, unlike other cheap lures that come with cheap treble hooks.

Thomas Skinner
Great Store

It really swims like a real fish. Have used it fishing on the jetties, have not caught anything yet. But that's why it is called fishing. Will use it again when I get a chance to fish the jetties again.

I Saved A Ton!

I have been searching all over the internet for cheaper fishing lures like these ones. I figured for the price I would give them a shot. Since I can get 3 lures for almost the price of 1 lure from Cabelas.

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