Strike King Premier Bitsy Jig

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Joel Sletten
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Lure I’ve ever used and awesome results! A definite necessity for any tac...

I absolutely love these on my lews mach crush medium action spinning rod. Have a hard time finding a 3/16 size anywhere else. I originally bought one at dicks and it's been hooking so many fish I ordered 2 more in case something happens to this one. No joke I've climbed trees to get this back and I will happily strip down to retrieve it from a snag in water. Love it. It's caught every single fish for me so far this summer. A fat 17 inch largemouth included. Came sharp. Ive only sharpened it once since i dulled it on abstructions. Probly 30-40 decent size bass and its holding together well 🤘

Joey Drum
Great product as promised. Fast shipping. Recommend!!

This lure knows no bounds. I have caught bream, crappie, large and smallmouth bass, and channel catfish with this lure. My daughter (13 years old) didn’t tie the lure on her line well and lost this bait. Luckily I was right there with her and remembered exactly where she lost it. I waited a few weeks for the lake level to go down. Went back to where she lost it and found it. I just knew it would be rusted, but to my surprise it still looked brand new after I cleaned it off with just my hand and the lake water. I recommend this lure for all anglers.

Johanna Rosario

Filled with whatever fishermen use to catch fish. Its packed with goodness per my son!!!

Patrick Decker

A lot of great pieces different lures they gave me a small large mouth bass swim bait with rattled inside I can’t wait to use this weekend.

Robert Brown

Good product for the money. 2 frogs 12 spoons 2 crankbaits a couple poppers and there is alot of useless rubbers. But also a little baggie with some good weights and like 5 good hooks and 2 pre tied snap ons with heavy line

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