secret wacky rig hook

Wicked Wacky Secret Rig

secret wacky rig hook

The Secret Must Have Wicked Wacky Rig

Almost every bass fisherman that I know has thrown a wacky rigged stick worm or senko.  They simply catch fish like crazy, often in times when nothing else seems to get a bite.

In this article I going to devolve a secret of mine that really takes your wacky rig game to the next level, so read on…

Normal Wacky rigged senko rig
Typical Wacky Rigged Senko

A typical wacky rig consitists of a Senko or stick worm which is then hooked in the middle. Simple, but extremely effective.

One of the draw backs to a wacky rig is the fact that an open hook is used.  This limits the ability to fish the rig in heavy cover or vegitation.  You simply can not expect to fish a wacky rig in a laydown or lilly pads and expect to keep your sanity.  

If you have ever tried to do this, well your making Johnny Morris rich, since you have lost your fair share of hooks and senkos!

The Secret Wacky Rig Hook

Back in the early 2000’s as I was a touring pro, and before the craze of the wacky rig came about I was friends with a lot of smart anglers.  One of these anglers was Andre Moore and he showed me how to take a number 1 Gamakatsu straight shank hook, and tie 40lb mono on to it with thread and super glue forming a weed guard.

This was an amazing concept since there was nothing on the market like this.  I was off to the races now!! 

Finally I could cast wacky worms in places that I never dreamed of before.  I won several tournaments using this rig on tidal waters in lay downs.

Gamakatsu Makes The Wicked Wacky Rig Hook Now!

Almost 20 years later, I no longer have to make my own home made weedless wacky rigs myself.  I can get them directly from Bass Pro Shops.

Many lure manufactures make variations of the Wicked Wacky rig hook, but none are as effective as the Gamakatsu.  The reason for this is the weed guard on the Gamakatsu hook is very limber and made out of composite.

Warning, the weedless wacky rig knockoffs have a wire weed guard and some even clip under the barb of the hook.  This simply does not work and I have lost many fish upon setting the hook.

If you would like to order these Wicked Weedless Wacky Hooks Click Here!!

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