Swing Head footbal jighead on ewg hook

10″ Plastic Worm Secret Rig

Catch More Summertime Bass with a Magnum Shaky-Head

Summertime bass fishing known as the dog days of summer  is often the slowest of the seasons for bass fishing.

Largemouth bass often distance themselves for the easy to pick off locations of the bank and anglers struggle to find a consistent pattern.

Often times these offshore schools of bass have been on the same ledge for over a month. The extreme fishing pressure from anglers throwing the same plastic worms & baits make for finicky bass.  

The magnum shakey head rig with a 10″ plastic worm is by far the best lure to fool these weary and sneaky bass.

What is a Magnum Football Shaky Head Rig?

The magnum shaky-head rig is nothing more than a super sized shaky-head.  Instead of a light wire 2/0 hook the magnum head comes with a 5/0 extra wide gap hook. 

This larger 5/0 hook allows for rigging much larger plastic worms, while maintaining the ability to hook the fish.

Screw head magnum shaky-head rig with extra wide gap hook
Extra Wide Gap Shaky-Head Rig

What size weight head?

Instead of using a shaky head that weighs 1/4 oz, I have found that 3/4 oz and 1 oz versions allow for fast fishing and further casts. 

Offshore summertime bass located on ledges congregate around shell beds or rough patches of rock.  The heavier weight allows for more sensitivity of the bottom to hone in on the each location of the bass.

The heavier sized weight also makes a ton of noise on the bottom.  It stirs up the silt and can call a bass in from further distances than a traditional shaky-head.

Swing Head footbal jighead on ewg hook
Swing Head Or Hard Head Shaky- Head

What 10" Plastic Worm Should I Rig?

With so many choices and colors of 10″ plastic worms on the market it can be tough to decide which to put on.  The plastic worms listed below are by far the most consistent colors and brands.

zoom ol monster 10 inch plastic worm in plum
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Strike king bull worm 10 inch plastic worm plum
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Catch More Fish This Summer On Plastic Worms

Summertime bass fishing does not have to be the toughest time of the year to catch fish.  Adding the Magnum Shaky-Head rig to your arsenal is sure way to arm yourself with a new bait technique to catch more bass. 

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