threadfin shad are what bass eat

Top 4 Shad Lures For Bass

threadfin shad are what bass eat

Whether sport fishing or just looking for a quality time outdoors, catching bass is always an enjoyable experience you will never forget.

The following bass lures are the best shad imitating baits that every serious angler should have in their arsenal every time we go out to catch some bass and other large fish.


The Megabass Vision 110 is a premium fishing lure for bass fishing that finds application in nearly all water bodies from rivers to lakes and ponds.

This bait is widely considered by leading anglers around the world as the favorite jerk baiting lure that never disappoints. The lure rose to fame after winning many national bass fishing tournaments.

  • Convincing darting action
  • Lifelike colors and flash
  • Multiway-moving balancing system
  • Three Katsauge out-barb treble hooks

Ideal sizes

The Megabass Vision 110 comes in an ideal size of 4 1/3” of length, which closely resembles shad that bass love to munch on!

Easy to throw

When you have fished with other jerk baits you realize that casting into the wind can be a cause for an immediate backlash. The MegaBass Ito Vision 110 casts like a rocket, even with a bait caster.

Internal Balancer

The Vision 110 has a unique balancing system that always makes this bait run upright, helping the bait slice thru the wind. 

The vision 110 also has a rattle draws in the weariest of bass to stike that may have just followed the lure along.  The realistic finish and shad like profile makes this bait a sure winner for any bass fisherman.

The correct move is the jerk-jerk retrieve that simulates a scenario whereby the baitfish is actually running away.

The Megabass Vision 110 has been reviewed negatively by the users for lips that broke away. The brand has since to the best of our knowledge strives to produce even stronger clad lures with a thicker skin and chip-resistant finish.

It’s a delicate balance though because when you want high performance, you want a lure that is light for maximum movement.

The in-thing here is to take care of these babies and know their worth. On the plus side, it forces anglers to throw their lures more respectfully and as though they know they actually want to catch something.  

The Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg is one of those bass shad lures that will drive bass into a feeding frenzy.  The side to side action drives fish crazy, while it imitates a fleeing shad.   Any aspiring top tier angler needs to have tried this already because it works its magic.

Its main features include popping and spitting or side-to-side action which imitates the lifelike natural prey of bass and other fish like rockfish and even saltwater fish like redfish & trout.

It also features a unique internal rattle chamber and an indestructible chip-resistant finish.

Here’s is what’s more to like about the Sexy Dawg.

  • Genius engineering design for striking resemblance to life.
    • Design by Kevin VanDam the 2011 Bassmaster Classic champion.
    • Smooth and realistic action
    • Good for walking the dog technique
    • Amazing credible brand, strike King
    • Realistic 3D eyes
    • Rugged and strong treble hooks
    • Loud internal rattle chambers
    • Multiple actions and movement (popping, spitting and side to side
    • Chipping resistant finish

Ease of casting

The Dawg can easily cast into the wind and when matched with braided line you can reach even further.  Casting further distances is especially important when chasing schooling bass that are feeding on shad. 

Catches fish on all conditions

This is the proven lure that will kill it out there regardless of whether you are having a bluebird calm day or not.


The King KVD Sexy Dawg is one of those baits you can catch up to hundreds of fish on and still it works like a lucky charm. I have personally caught hundreds of rockfish and largemouth bass on the same lure. 

Eventually the pain will begin to fade but only after your arms are worn out!

The standard treble hooks are great as they hardly affect the superior walk the dog action of the Strike King® KVD Sexy Dawg.

For those who prefer other hooks, it may present a slight challenge changing the hooks as this may interfere with the performance of the bait.  You may want to try the short shank treble hooks which cause less fouling.

When you need to get some heavyweight bass off of the ledges of your lake then the Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon the godsend lure to buy. Large spoons like this bait have been some of the most effective mechanism to wake dormant bass and put them in a feeding frenzy and where you want them. 

The large sized spoon may surprise you, but large gizzard shad is what the lure is imitating.  The Lake Fork spoon was born out of Texas where everything is bigger, but anywhere bass are eating large shad the spoon will work.  I have even caught smallmouth with this larger spoon.

Nichols lures is a small bass bait manufacturer with high-quality lures that are hand-tuned and painted for a realistic touch. Nichols is a Brandable high-end range of products that feels personal and gives each and every user their own thrilling experience in a unique way.  I can tell you that they flat out catch fish!

Here are some more features of the famous flutter spoon…

    • Perfect flutters for life-like performance
    • Quality trebles
    • Hand-tied flash abu
    • Powerful Spro swivels
    • High-grade split rings

Amazing hydrodynamics

There are smaller and larger spoons that will cast like a spear and because of their dynamics, they will sink with a flutter like a light feather suspended in air. This is supposed to look like a dying fish to big bass, an easy meal that they simply cannot resist.

Ease of use

Because of their weight, the metallic spoons will cast further easily and so they are easier to throw for everyone. They also fall with the same swirling motion that draws the attention of largemouth and smallmouths all around thanks to their unique shape.

A limp or slackline further gives the spoon the rope to be as lively as possible. A dying shad is what bass want to see on any day to get in feeding mode. Hits are frequent, sometimes missing the hook, but often follow with strike after strike till you hook up!

Rapid strikes

Before Jordan’s amazing performance at the Ultimate Match Fishing episode where he won the finals with more than 20 lb of good bass in less than 10 minutes, the spoon had been a closely guarded secret of Lake Fork anglers who had been killing it out there with the spooning action for years.

Anglers now wanted to know what the big man was throwing and a cat was out of the bag. On the plus side, he saw an opportunity to win the championship and trusted the spoon to reel in victory.

Larger bait

This is one of the largest baits for fishing bass measuring a staggering 5,7 inches and surprisingly one very effective lure for larger fish. For bass, a large Gizzard Shad is a lucky meal to find and the instinct to strike builds up pretty fast.

Many anglers fear buying from small scale manufacturers. Nevertheless, Nichols has made a name for itself with premium grade hand crafted and tested lures.

The spoon itself can be heavy and without the proper rod and reel set-up it can be exhausting to fish all day long. A 7 foot medium heavy or even 7 foot 6 inch rod is best.  Click here to see the best outfit.

Easing down any list of top-notch and best shad lures for bass and not mention the Rapala Shad Rap phenomenon. It is among the most popular lures and one of the most enticing for fish too. 

It is no one’s secret that the Rapala Shad Rap, is a great mimic of shad but apparently fish don’t know this especially bass.  Many colder water bass have fallen for the #7 shad rap.

  • Shallow water lip design
  • Balsa wood construction
  • Wounded minnow wobble
  • Premium nickel hooks
  • Natural baitfish look
  • Hand-tuned and tank-tested

This Rapala shad rap review focuses on its key features and uses.  The Shad Rap is especially good for cold water fishing & anytime nature provides tough fishing conditions.

Here are some key features of the Rapala Shad rap bass followed by its key advantages over other artificial shad lures for bass.

Has stood the test of time

This bait alone has sold a million and one pieces and caught numerous species over the last couple of years. It is safe to say that the lure is cutting a notch among the top lures for bass and other species and an absolute must-have for Bass fishing lures.

The best running hard bait

This bait does not discriminate top and bottom feeders, it hooks all of them when running. Whether running to cover much water real quick or still, this is the lure that generates more strikes within the hour compared to many other types

Versatile use

When choosing shad rap lures, there is no shortage of options for anglers. From the shallow shad rap for skinny waters to the glass shad rap with a sight glass that makes it adaptive to any environment to the super shad and shad rap RS with its impressive lifelike action of baitfish.

It is hard to make out any negatives of the lure as it is simply effective and works like a charm at super slow and ultra-fast trolling speeds without any notable negative effects. No its not perfect, but we haven’t found its weakness yet and when we did, it did not count given the advantages.

The biggest issue with the Shad Rap is the balsa construction and light weight.  Casting into the wind can be very difficult for anglers and a spinning rod is suggested for the smaller sizes, especially in heavy wind. Try this outfit here.

Best Shad Baits

We hope that the above lures make your fishing experience pleasurable and with a load of fish to fill your livewell. Each lure is unique and should be thrown with the confidence of catching, accompanied by the appropriate action.

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