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Minn Kota Battery Charger Review Good & Bad

The Good & Bad Of Minn Kota Battery Chargers

minn kota 4 bank battery charger

Who Is Minn Kota?

O.G. Schmidt invented the first gear-driven electric trolling motor in Fargo, North Dakota.  He got the inspiration from anglers in North Dakota who were interested in better boat control while fishing.

The name Minn Kota is a very original name and Schmidt developed it from the area that he fished frequently, the MINNesota-North DaKOTA border.

Minn Kota Mission Staement

...our mission remains: to develop the most powerful innovations and unrivaled fishing equipment that reliably keeps anglers on the action and enhances the fishing experience.

Minn Kota is best known for manufacturing trolling motors, they have sold over 10 million trolling motors in 85 years of business. Minn Kota has proven itself to be a top boat accessory.  Minn Kota now manufactures and sells battery chargers and various other trolling motor accessories 

Why Are Minn Kota Battery Chargers Good?

After 85 years of testing and perfecting the common trolling motor, Minn Kota has learned how to manufacture a premium battery charger for any boat.

Low Voltage Input

All battery chargers are connected to power sources via an extension cord.  When the extension cord is longer than 10 feet the voltage coming from the plug drops, thus effecting the charging rate and time.  Minn Kota solved this with Precision, which is a feature that compensates for the fluctuation of voltage and provides a fast and safe charge with any size extension cord.

Automatic Temperature Control

When charging a battery with a high performance battery charger a ton of heat can be produced.  Depending on the season the level of heat can fluctuate.  Minn Kota has developed a solution with the Precision battery chargers.  The circuit board can modulate and compensate for temperure swing. This feature provides a steady charge rate to your batteries and prolongs the life of the battery charger.

Battery Equalization

If you are like me you have 4 batteries in your bass boat.  Even if you have just two batteries that you are trying to charge, making sure that both batteries are being charged equally is very important.

Precision chargers clean and protect your battery every time you plug in, extending run time and battery life.  

Waterproof and Saltwater Corrosive Protected

We all know that electricity and water never mix! Ever dropped a cell phone in the water and expected it to still work?

I personally have owned multiple Minn Kota battery chargers and I run my boats in saltwater and fresh.

Waves coming over the back, dunking waves and live wells overflowing have tried to ruin my Minn Kota battery chargers and not once have I ever had an issue with corrosion or failure.

I can surely attest for the sealing of the Minn Kota battery chargers. They Rock!

Why Are Minn Kota Battery Chargers Bad?

Even with all of the fantastic features of the Minn Kota precision battery charger there are always some negative features.

Dead On Arrival

According to a few boating message forums some people have experienced a few battery chargers which where DOA.

One particular cause the individual is complaining of a dead on arrival battery charger, after he had cut the electrical wires and altered the charger.

Premium Price Point

The old adage of nothing good comes cheap rings true for a Minn Kota battery charger.  

Although I personally never complained about the higher price point vs lower quality battery chargers some folks have spouted off online that the price point is too high! 

4.7 Stars 146 Reviews!

Why Choose A Minn Kota Battery Charger?

Simply put Minn Kota provides a premium product with a phenomenal track record of happy customers.  If you are searching for a battery charger which will provide years of use then the Minn Kota Battery Charger is exactly what you need! Bass Hub Approved!

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