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Rapala Digital Scale, Rapala High Contrast, 50 lbs

Having the right accessories in your boat or tackle box can make or break a fishing trip.  If you happen to catch a fish of a lifetime, having a scale to prove the weight is priceless.

Trying to weigh a flopping fish on a scale has been a problem for many years.  The old way was to puncture a fishes lips. This causes damage to fishes mouth and with one flop always falls off the scale. 

Rapala solved this problem with a very functional and easy to use scale.  The genius fish grabbing end of the scale allows for anglers to weigh fish up to 50 lbs and never puncture a lip!

The indestructible plastic grabber doesn’t rust either.  I keep my scale in a closed compartment of my bass boat which has moisture in it sometimes.

The screen has never fogged up, the battery compartment has never gotten corrosion in it either. 

The scale is even rated for saltwater! I would not go dunking any scale into salt water, but I have weighed many striped bass up to 40 lbs and the grabber held them and the scale never rusted! 

Small Package Great For Kayak!

Fishing is a Kayak comes with all sorts of difficulties, which if you ask me is part of the challenge. 

Attempting to weigh a fish on a Kayak has been an impossible task.  Not with the Rapala Digital Scale.  

The physical size of the Rapala Scale at only 9 x 3 x 1 inches fits in any compartment or in my small tackle bag.

Easy To Read Screen

The Rapala Scale also comes with a back light display light.  Very similar to a Timex watch. 

If you night fish this scale is a god send.  The screen is also view able in direct sunlight!

100% Recommend This Scale!

Personally I have owned over a dozen different scales in my tournament career.  I even owned a Cul-Em-Right, which was over $150 and I would take this Rapala Scale any day.  

The Scale has always worked every time I have turned it one, and at only $39 it is a great deal.

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